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Deliver Bite-sized content, Anytime, Anywhere, On-the-go

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Platform Highlights

Learning on the Go

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, on your Mobile devices

Bite-sized Learning

Fits into the Short Attention Span of Millennial Learners

Fun & Engaging

Make Learning Interesting with Precise and Relevant Content

Improved Retention

Learning at Regular Intervals with Spaced Repetitions

Personalized Nudges

Keep learners engaged with Smart Insights & Recommendations

Powerful analytics

Track Progress, Engagement & Performance in near realtime

Monitor Progress and Performance

Jesse Mitchell

Product Manager, Ascend Learning

Working with the team at EnhanzED has been delightful! The learning platform is flexible, offering up bite-sized learning and improved retention among learners. It meets all of the requirements for anytime/anywhere learning as well

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